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Pluk de tolk: Doven en slechthorenden kunnen voor alle programma onderdelen waar geen tolk geroosterd staat zelf een tolk aanvragen. Tolken Nederlandse gebarentaal en schrijftolken staan standby bij de centrale binnenkomsthal.

Do you have epilepsy or symptoms of epilepsy? 

Please contact us before attending the festival. If that is not possible, you can always contact one of the volunteers in every area to check if the act or workshop is safe for you to attend. 

Welcome to our Neon Garden! 

We will "HIT THE LIGHTS" on saturday the 21st of May 2022. 

The Festival program will start in the afternoon at 3 p.m. with various workshops and acts and will end at night with some musical acts and a party !

The festival is taking place in the Luna building on the TU/e campus, you can find more about this on the page [location]. 

Groundfloor _ level 0

Basement _ level -1

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