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The aftermovie can be seen below!

You can check out the pictures here!


In the media


Eindhovens Dagblad

Last year's edition

The Fourth edition of Lunafestival was a big hit with lots of awesome acts, workshops and exhibitions. Check out the after-movie here or some of the cool pictures that were taken last year. On our YouTube channel more after-movies and act videos can be found.



As you might have seen, the promo posters for Lunafestival have been hung all over the campus. These awesome posters are made by illustrator Guusjoos. This poster and other promo material can be downloaded at the promo material page


Welcome at the Luna festival!


Enjoy your day at the Luna festival! Make sure to check out the program to not miss your favorite associations. If you have any questions, you can ask the volunteers or committee members in a Luna festival t-shirt.

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