Social Sorting Experiment

Like what you See

Are you an influencer or a troll that is still in the closet? Or more of a cat lover type and sensitive to addiction? Your likes reveal everything and are used to manipulate your buying, watching and even voting behavior.

In the Social Sorting Experiment you - and all other people present – are digitally quantified in real time. This absurdist live performance addresses the manipulative power of social media. In this innovative, immersive live symphony, the participant’s data are measured and assessed.

The Social Sorting Experiment by

Smartphone Orchestra

gives you the opportunity to get to know yourself so well that you can no longer be manipulated! You might just make some ‘good old analog friends’ at the same time.

Pulsar 19.15-19.45 and 20.15-20.45


22th of MAY

LUNA, de Lampendriessen 31

5612 AH Eindhoven

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