An Interplanetary Message

An Interplanetary Message

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Wow the Luna Festival just had first contact with aliens from the moon! The aliens tried to send a message but tragically it seems to have spread out across the Luna Festival. Can you help reconstruct the message? The 36 letters of the message can be found on the website, in the livestreams and on Discord. Don’t worry if you are unable to intercept all of them, I am sure you can still decrypt the message. To encourage young and bright scientists to search for this message ESA has promised the person who can first decrypt the message a reward from Hubble!


Across the Luna Festival website, livestreams and Discord clues about the message have been spread out. The numbers correspond to the position of the letter in the message. Even if you don’t have all the letters you can still try to guess so don’t worry if you don’t find/spot all clues. You can submit up to 5 answers but count 15 minutes between each answer (so two submissions one at 20:32 and another at 20:40 would be seen as submissions at 20:32 and 20:47). The person who manages to give the correct answer the soonest (or the person with the most correct letters in their answer) will be given a delicious reward from Hubble! We will reveal who this is at 21:30.

Join this game through this website!

Game: all evening!

Livestream: 21:30-21:45

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