Dance Dance Revolution Workshop

Join the Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution, the dancing game that originally came from Japan, has been popular for over 20 years. You might know the game from arcade halls. At the Luna Festival we will feature a Dance Dance Revolution set with a self made dance. The Stepfile is made by members from Kinjin, the Japanese culture association. The tailored choreography is made by dancers from Footloose. This means that the Luna Festical is the ONLY place to find this unique dance!


In the workshop, the dance choreographers from Footloose will teach you the dance and afterwords you can try it out on the Dance Dance Revolution dance pads. Do you want to join us? 

Room 1.240 [14.30-15.30]

Price: 1 coin (€ 2,-)



22th of MAY

LUNA, de Lampendriessen 31

5612 AH Eindhoven

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