Breakdance Workshop

Make a Break, Make a Move

Born out of the struggle and despair in The Bronx and now a worlwide phenomenon and in 2024 it’s going to be even on the Olympic Games! What are we talking about? Breakdance of course.

Have you always wanted to give it a try, then this is your chance!

The Breakdance Workshop will be given by Len. He started breaking in 2002. Over the years Len has gained extensive national and international experience both in the theatre as on the battle floor. With his crew Cypher Active won the prize ‘Best upcoming crew’ of the Netherlands. But he also travels for the breakdance: check this article (Dutch only).


Orbit 15:30 - 16:30 and 17.15 - 18.15

Price: 1 coin (€ 2,-)



22th of MAY

LUNA, de Lampendriessen 31

5612 AH Eindhoven

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