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Linda Venus - Chairman

Hii! My name is Linda and I am the president of the Luna Festival committee. I am very excited about the Luna Festival of 2022! The thing I love most about the festival is the renewing ideas that are brought to life when different associations work together. When I am not working on the Luna Festival I can often be found in the Luna building working on my tasks as a Scala boardmember or studying at the TU/e. I hope to see all of you on the Luna Festival!

Annelou Theelen - Treasurer

Hi everyone, my name is Annelou and I am the treasurer of the committee :) Meanwhile, I am also the treasurer of Kinjin, the Japanese cultural association. The Luna Festival is, in my opinion, fantastic because it is a mixture of passion and talent. I am really looking forward to this festival and the many collaborations we will do this year! See you then!

Sjoerd Spies - Programming

My board year at E.S.T.V. Doppio and Hubble were sadly both defined by the Corona Virus, so this year I really wanted to do a big project where that wasn't the case. But since I started studying again I didn't have the time to do another board year. So when I heard that this Committee still needed some members I joined and I'm very glad that I did. This committee contains an awesome group of people and I'm very confident that we, and all of you ofcourse, are going to throw an awesome festival!

Jessica de Waard - Head of Volunteers

Hii! My name is Jessica and I head of volunteers. I am currently working on my final thesis for my masters education and i dance a lot at Footloose and offcourse other dance socials! I really wanted to organise something awesome, that's why i joined the Luna committee. During the preperations i support the other committee members whenever needed and at the festival i will be the to-go person if you have any questions. I am really looking forward to the festival! See you there!

Jeroen Leurs - Secretary

This college year, I hit the dancefloor as a new member of Footloose. It is hard to recall how I ended up in the Luna Festival committee. I guess because I'm very impulsive and easy to convince :). But this was a good decision, I'm learning a lot from our weekly meetings. My main job is to write the meeting minutes, apart from that I help other committee members with their tasks when they need me. The festival is going to be awesome!

Freek Beekhuis - Programming

I’m truly amazed at what creative idea’s people come up with when they are pushed out of their comfort zones. What better way to push them then to ask them to step out of their regular art discipline and work with other associations. It is a feast to see the end results combined in a festival celebrating Scala culture and the cherry on the cake is seeing my friends shine on stage.

Kate Smit - Promotion

Hello! My name is Kate and I joined Footloose at the beginning of this school year. I've had a lot of fun experiences in previous years with some smaller committees, so I was immediately enthusiastic when I was presented the chance to work on something as wonderful as the Luna Festival (especially now that we can have fun events in person again!). Looking forward to seeing everyone at the festival :)

Sabine Thodé - Decoration 

Hey, I am Sabine and I have been dancing for quite some years, but at Footloose for almost 5 years now. My life as an active member within the culture associations did actually start during the first Luna Festival back in 2018 where I got the chance to perform. So far I have been a boardmember for both Footloose and Scala. I hope that lots of people will enjoy the Luna festival and get the chance to discover all the fun and cool things happening within the culture associations!

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